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Bridal Shower Invitation Card

Size :

5×7 inch

Description :

This card packs that “wow” factor, assuring to leave the guests in awe. Classic in color but bold in concept, it’s a perfect amalgamation of attractive font, sweet message and, well, a pretty bride.

Invite friends and family to partake in the joy that’s to follow in a few days. Throw a rocking bridal shower to happily sum up the single life. Our line of Bridal shower invitation cards oozes elegance and refined touch. Decorated with a fine, personal touch, they tout superior-quality prints. Along with the traditional trims, the detailed highlights, complementary fonts, and the at-large happy feel further add to the grandeur of our Bridal shower invitation card. We also take custom orders. So, if you don’t find a design that fits your needs and expectations, we would be happy to design you the custom cards.

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Bridal 2