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Bridal Shower Invitation Card

Size :

5×7 inch

Description :

Busy in appearance and polished in its feel, this invitation card is ideal for those who want “something different”. It is peppered with flora, ornamental design, beautiful fonts and too much of class. So, don’t just invite people to the bridal shower. Invite them grandly!

Invite friends and family to partake in the joy that’s to follow in a few days. Throw a rocking bridal shower to happily sum up the single life. Our line of Bridal shower invitation cards oozes elegance and refined touch. Decorated with a fine, personal touch, they tout superior-quality prints. Along with the traditional trims, the detailed highlights, complementary fonts, and the at-large happy feel further add to the grandeur of our Bridal shower invitation card collection. We also take custom orders. So, if you don’t find a design that fits your needs and expectations, we would be happy to design you the custom cards.

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Bridal 1